This LOREEDUBOIS (International) Guarantee applies to pieces of jewelry sold or presented for warranty repair in any country.


What does the LOREEDUBOIS (International) Guarantee cover and for how long?

Your parts have been manufactured according to the very strict quality standards of LOREEDUBOIS and with the greatest care, by our highly qualified workshops. Nevertheless, your pieces of jewelry are covered by this LOREEDUBOIS (International) Guarantee against possible manufacturing or material defects. Please contact our Customer Service, the details of which are given below.

LOREEDUBOIS guarantees its products against any material or manufacturing defect for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase (the “Guarantee Period”). If the product is returned within the Warranty Period, LOREEDUBOIS will repair or replace the defective part free of charge and within a reasonable time after returning the product. Shipping costs may be charged. After expiration of the Warranty Period, any repairs will be charged.


How to use the Guarantee?

By returning or sending your piece of jewelry to 26 rue de l’Est, 69290 Craponne, France. Transport costs are your responsibility, which includes, but is not limited to, shipping, insurance and packaging. We recommend that you choose a registered mail with insurance included.

In order to take advantage of this LOREEDUBOIS (International) Guarantee, you must attach to the part you are returning the original certificate (or card) of guarantee that was given to you with the piece of jewelry when you purchased it. Documents proving the legal importation of the parts into the country of final destination may be requested.


What is excluded from the (International) LOREEDUBOIS Guarantee?

The LOREEDUBOIS (International) Guarantee does not cover:

  • defects and damage due to loss, theft, fire or any other reason beyond our control;
  • defects and damage due to misuse, neglect or accident;
  • defects and damage due to improper use (shocks, dents, crushing of the case, glass, bracelet, etc.), alterations, falsification, disassembly or services and repairs carried out elsewhere than in a shop , or due to the use of components other than those recommended by LORÉE DU BOIS;
  • defects and damage due to normal wear and tear of the watch;
  • regular cleaning and maintenance.